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21 Jul 2011 Goulburn 0 Comment

Professionals Minute – More information from Professionals……

When it comes to social media… would you win the election?

A couple of weeks ago I asked the question, “What can we learn from our pollies?” I discussed the absolute flooding of propaganda throughout the election into our letterboxes, twitter feeds, newspapers, television sets and email inboxes. Whether or not they have the quality policies to back up their gumption, one thing’s for sure, the pollies certainly know how to reach their audience. I asked you to reflect on the time and money you spend on your own company’s promotion. How did it look?

ABC’s Lateline have recently gone a step further, revealing the importance political strategists from both sides of politics place on social media. At the time of going to air, Kevin Rudd took out the honours on Twitter with one million followers to Tony Abbott’s 170,000, while Abbott won the battle on Facebook with 150,000 likes to Rudd’s 100,000. In the week since the program aired, Rudd’s Twitter account has grown by 378,000 while Abbott’s has grown by 4,000, while on Facebook, Abbott’s account has attracted a further 24,000 and Rudd’s 5,000.

It’s fairly plain to see the big parties are honing in on the social media storm… but why? What impact can a large following on social media actually have on the election?

Well, this remains to be seen in this election, but both parties tend to agree that its influence will only become more substantial as time goes on. And it’s not necessarily the number of followers that’s important, but the conversations and frenzy that can be created when policy announcements are coordinated with social media campaigns, an open question is posed, or a gaffe is uttered. Of course social media won’t win or lose an election, but it does add to the layers of influence and provide another vehicle for politicians to appeal to voters.

This of course has me wondering, how successfully are we using social media in real estate? Do you coordinate your marketing strategies so that social media creates another layer of impact, or do you shy away from Twitter feeds and Facebook threads? How often are you jumping on YouTube to show your face and share your ideas? Are you hitting your target market with quality information and engaging content to further grow your social media following, or are you content to lose out on reaching thousands of potential residents in your patch?

If votes were cast based solely on social media influence, would you win the election in your area?

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